Moisture Scavengers emerge out as ideal reactive diluent

Published: 19th April 2011
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With the never ending enhancements in chemical technologies, there has been a significant thrust on the solvent-borne industrial coatings market. In the past several years, there has been different enhancements come out in water based coatings technology, which has not accesed from consumer home paint market to commercial applications. In the addition, the stringent VOC regulations have led to the evolution of a more feasible water based alternative to solvent based technology. There are few restrictions prevail even today specifically with the vital properties of chemical and abrasion resistance in coatings performance.

This improved technology has not only affected the water based technology but also the segment of high solids coatings. The ongoing advancements are generally executed with lower molecular weight components to achieve the least permissible viscosity with the minimum use of solvent. Hence, there exists a point limit to molecular weight reduction, as it can reach to problems associated with the loss of coating performance. For instacne, the 2-pack polyurethane coatings market has undergone this change. Normally, these systems are made of an acrylic polyol and an HDI-based polyisocyanate. These form polyurethanes featuring unmatched performance qualities include outstanding chemical resistance as well. There is the only one possible solution to maintain the coating benefits of solvent systems, whilst reducing the VOC, is to include a reactive diluent.

The existence of water in one-component moisture cures polyurethanes leads to bad in-can stability. In the same manner, moisture in isocyanates leads to the production of CO2 which dissolves in the product and can continuously cause foaming when the container is opened. In more severe cases, containers may start to bulge and lids burst as a result of high vapour pressure.

Incozol is taken as a low viscosity bi-oxazolidine reactive diluent developed as a co-reactant in polyurethane coatings to achieve low VOC. It is made of two oxazolidine rings joined by a carbonate bridge, which guarantees low viscosity by restricting intermolecular hydrogen bonding.

There are n numbers of benefits of a reactive diluent. It delivers excellent polyol and solvent compatibility. It contains low intrinsic viscosity 50 mPas@20C. It has immensely high equivalent weight. It is of low color which is crucial for clear lacquer finishing. There is almost no side effect on the coating properties including film hardness development and resistance, gloss and weathering properties. The typical applications include low VOC paints and varnishes, high build paints and elastomers.

Founded in 1986, Incorez Ltd has rapidly gained prominence as a specialist manufacturer of oxazolidines, waterborne epoxy curing agents, reactive diluent including moisture scavengers, and waterborne polyurethane dispersions.

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